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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Part and full loads
Tailor-made transport solutions

Our trucks are on the road across Europe every day and offer set amounts of loading space and a great deal of flexibility for our transport services to meet your individual wishes. We transport part and full loads to and from any point in Europe – at any time and on any route – from the tiniest screw to plant sections weighing several tonnes. Our customers can make use of our forwarding services at regular set times across Europe.

We ensure that your goods are delivered safely! 

We transport any kind of goods with the necessary standards – whether this involves hazardous items or temperature-controlled transport services. We provide extensive services and are happy to advise you about handling and formalities.

Each project has its own requirements. That is why we put together service packages that are individual and specially agreed from many single services. Make use of our additional services like customs clearance, insurance services and track & trace – we are very happy to advise you. 

We develop tailor-made solutions for you!

Express deliveries

Our express services provide you with individual solutions for any shipping needs for urgent documents or consignments of goods. Regardless of their weight or size, we deliver your consignment on time at the place that you request.

Our global presence and our international network enable us to guarantee rapid and safe deliveries. Our qualified employees cope with urgent and complete transport requirements and offer you a national and international logistics solution at the highest level. We organise all the necessary issues and monitor your consignment at all times.

We draw up an ideal transport solution for your express delivery within a very short time and pick up the product from the collection point and deliver the consignment to the agreed destination very quickly. 

Our transport solution:

  • Hand carry Services
  • Special courier Services
  • Direct deliveries
  • Special individual solutions

Special transport services


Bulky loads – nothing is impossible


We will find a suitable transport solution for consignments with an unusual volume or abnormal dimensions. Our specialists for special transport services analyse routes, loading and timetables and ensure that the operation is completely monitored.

We can advise you in advance about all the legal stipulations, take the packaging into consideration and provide individual equipment like cranes or special loading items for transport services related to particular projects.

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