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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Customised Services

Providing Groupage Solutions throughout Europe

With our products, Rhenus Premium, Rhenus Classic and Rhenus Fix, we provide you a tailor-made and efficient Road Transportation concept with coverage across all Europe for groupage consignments based on direct and regular departures with reliable lead times. 

With our standardised core products Rhenus Premium, Rhenus Classic and Rhenus Fix we cover customers’ requirements with reliable lead times and maximum flexibility for a European-wide Transport.

Rhenus Premium

Rhenus Road Freight Premium

Rhenus Classic

Rhenus Road Freight Classic

Rhenus Fix

Rhenus Road Freight Fix


// Rhenus Premium

With Rhenus Premium we offer a first-class transport service for time-critical shipments with priority delivery of the shipment.

Depending on the country, we also offer deliveries until 8 AM, 10 AM and 12 PM

High class services for time sensitive shipments with priority lead times

With the Premium Service, we guarantee the coverage of transit time as well as a binding delivery of the shipment.

Premium 8
Guaranteed delivery until 8 AM

Premium 10
Guaranteed delivery until 10 AM

Premium 12
Guaranteed delivery until 12 PM

*only available in selected coutries

// Rhenus Classic

With Rhenus Classic, we offer an efficient network with a complete coverage and regular direct connections.

We transport general cargo such as pallets, cartons, machines from different industries with optimal transit times and attractive tariffs.

Direct European services providing cost effective solutions without compromise

Reliable, efficient transportation and delivery

Scheduled services offering maximum flexibility for your transportation needs

Hazardous goods transport, cargo insurance, customs clearance and much more

// Rhenus Fix

With Rhenus Fix the delivery takes place at a fixed time at the consignee.

For an exact scheduling, we also offer the delivery of the shipment at an agreed time or within a time frame.

Direct European services providing cost effective solutions without compromise

Delivery with scheduled delivery date

Delivery with scheduled delivery date and time

Scheduled delivery with a 2 hour window

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